We are one of the largest offset and digital printing houses in Poland.
We specialise in printing instruction manuals. We supply manuals to a number of plants across Europe.

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Why is it worth working with us?

Different production technologies to optimise costs
Stability in working with us – we are part of an international group
Long-standing experience in working with factories to supply instruction manuals

Printing of user manuals

For more than 25 years, we have been producing and supplying manuals to a large number of factories in Poland and all over Europe. Our manuals are also sent to other continents, including the USA, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. We have 2 production sites – one in the centre of Poland and the other close to Wroclaw.

Our capabilities:

Digital print



Offset print


folded sections/month

We deliver manuals following the

Just In Time


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Our technologies

Heatset web printing

We have colour heatset web capability at our Płonsk facility. The technology is dedicated for high volume manuals. Our machines are capable of printing at speeds of up to 55,000 folds per hour.

Coldset web printing

We also have a web coldset printing technology. Our 1+1 press is located in Płonsk. This machine is designed for the production of medium to high volume runs of black and white manuals.

Sheet-fed printing

We have Heidelberg sheet-fed printing machines, including a dedicated monochrome manual press, for medium runs of manuals or unusual formats.

Digital print

At both our production sites, we have Océ printers and binding systems. The branch in Wroclaw is fully dedicated to digital production. For the production of manuals, we only carry out digital production on an ongoing basis. We do not do one-off orders.


Folding booklets


Hotmelt glued binding

PUR glued binding

O-wire binding

Drilling holes

Automatic foiling of single copies


This is how collaborating with us works:

Order. We begin an ongoing, day-to-day relationship once the contract is signed and all details are agreed. A dedicated member of the customer service team is responsible for the day-to-day management of your orders and their entry into the ERP system. Orders are automatically accepted when the Web EDI service is implemented.

Stocks. On receipt of an order, we check the current stock of finished goods (with ongoing collaboration and a stockholding service in place) or monitor the stock of raw materials. For finished products held in stock, instructions are sent directly to despatch according to the order.

Production. If we don’t have the required code in the finished goods warehouse, then the order will be sent for production.

Delivery. Produced manuals are appropriately packaged and labelled according to your requirements and then shipped via courier or dedicated transport.

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Printing instruction manuals at Elanders – services

Elanders is a specialist printer of manuals and a supplier to many Polish and European factories. These can range from simple black and white instructions to beautifully produced full-colour booklets. Not only do they have an informative function, but they also have a promotional function. When it comes to form, user manuals can be classified as follows:


The final instructions are folded to a small size. They can be used to package creams, toothbrushes or small surgical instruments, for example. We have more than a dozen folding machines at our disposal, with a wide range of technical capabilities and different folding patterns.


Large sheets of paper that have been folded several times and contain various types of diagrams or drawings. These are usually high-quality instructions that are printed in full colour on coated paper of a higher weight.

Books that are bound with staples

Books of up to 96 pages in A5 or A4 format, printed in colour or black and white. Wood-free offset paper in the customer’s preferred weight is the standard paper used for printing instructions.

Books in glued cover

Additional covers of at least 150 gsm for manuals with more than 96 pages. Such manuals can be printed in full colour as well as in 1+1 colour. Our choice of printing technology is dependent on the volume of the print.

Glue-in-spine brochures

For high volumes of A4 size manuals, it is possible to print 16-, 12- and 8-page glued spine manuals on a heatset roll. This technology has the potential for very high volume printing of instructions at very high speed.

Single instruction manuals and sets

We produce manuals in a wide variety of formats, according to different standards and using a variety of papers. Manuals can be assembled into multi-component kits on request. Kits of this type have a foil backing and are appropriately labelled.

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What is a good printer for printing user manuals?

It is not very complicated to print the manual itself. The most important thing is to have the right production systems in place and experience of working with factories for the delivery of manuals.


Experience in collaboration

If you are looking for a new supplier for your manuals, it is worth checking whether the printer has experience of working with suppliers where reliability and punctuality are the cornerstones of the relationship. Elanders Printing House has been printing instruction manuals for global brands for 25 years, including manufacturers of lawnmowers, white goods, consumer electronics, etc.


Wide range of available machinery

When selecting a new business partner, it is worth looking at production capacity, number of production facilities or availability of multiple technologies. Elanders has 4 different printing technologies in its 2 production plants, which not only optimises printing costs, but also makes it possible to swap machines in case of breakdowns.


ISO, procedures

It is important to consider the certifications held by the printer when looking for a new supplier for the production of manuals. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 at Elanders printing house. We are also FSC certified, giving you the option of printing manuals using certified raw materials.


Cooperation stability

Elanders is part of the international Elanders Group corporation. The Group’s manufacturing facilities are located in Europe, Asia and America. We are able to supply and deliver manuals to global customers.

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Papers for instruction manuals

For printing manuals, Elanders offers various types of paper – both coated and uncoated, in various weights. We offer papers from 42 g to 250 g, depending on the printing technology. The raw materials used in the manuals can be certified to show the customer’s commitment to the environment, e.g. FSC certified to show that the raw material comes from sustainable sources. 

We recommend recycled paper on special request. However, it should be remembered that it is Elanders, as an expert in supplying printed components to mills, that recommends the paper it can supply for current and future orders. Based on an up-to-date market analysis, Elanders recommends the most secure raw material in terms of availability and then takes care of the necessary storage.

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Elanders in Poland and internationally

Elanders Poland is part of the worldwide Elanders group. Elanders operates in more than a dozen countries worldwide, including in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Elanders Group’s services include printing, packaging and supply chain management.

In Poland, Elanders specialises in web offset printing, sheet reel printing and digital printing in medium and high volumes. Thanks to its experienced staff and a wide range of machinery, our printing house is able to meet the expectations and requirements of even the most demanding customers.

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Why is having the manual printed essential?

Manuals are an essential part of selling a product. On the one hand, there is the consumer’s expectation of a clear and unambiguous presentation of the use of the product they have just bought. On the other hand, we have formal and legal requirements that oblige manufacturers to provide consumers with the necessary information about the appliance, its operation and maintenance.

Considered an essential part of the production process, operating instructions are added to the final packaging at the product packaging stage. The instructions are delivered either directly to the manufacturer’s factories or to the supply chain management companies that do the packaging of the products. Failure to deliver an instruction manual on time is the equivalent of the absence of a vital component and a disruption to the production line. Then there is a plant shutdown and the need to re-plan the production schedule, which is usually very far in advance.

This situation, which results in losses for the manufacturer, is highly undesirable in any factory. It is then subject to a series of analyses with a view to preventing such situations in the future. Nobody wants to find themselves in the position of a buyer who decides to give an order to an unreliable or untested company that fails to deliver. It is therefore crucial to select the right supplier who can deliver correctly manufactured components to a factory on time.

Bet on experience

The experience of working with factories also relates to quality control at each stage of production and of the final product before dispatch, the issue of complaints and the ability to implement preventative plans, the continuity of order processing and adequate resources in IT systems and the ability of the print shop staff to use different types of customer platforms. The experience of working with the manual production team also includes skilful planning of raw material stocks, planning of manual production, close liaison with the customer, review of forecasts and ongoing demand and capacity analyses, packaging and labelling to customer requirements.

Print at Elanders!

Many factories in Poland are supplied just-in-time by Elanders’ printing plant. We are also a regular supplier of manuals to factories both inside and outside the EU. We are one of the few that have folding machines with the ability to repeatedly fold sheets into very small formats, e.g. leaflets that are inserted into the packaging of cosmetic products. Our experienced and dedicated team will suggest different ways of working together, suggesting improvements in terms of raw materials, possible formats and printing technology. Contact us today!

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