What do we print

Catalogue printing

We specialise in the offset printing of catalogues in medium and high print runs. Depending on the specification, we print them with web or sheetfed machines.

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Magazine printing

For publishers, we offer offset printing of high and medium runs of magazines with web offset or sheetfed presses, which are matched to the technical specification of the magazine.

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User manuals printing

We specialise in printing and supplying user manuals for supply chain companies and factories. Depending on the given manual, its specifics and circulation, we select the appropriate technology from web offset, through sheetfed to digital printing.

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Brochure printing

We print advertising brochures of the highest quality, for which we offer a range of special finishes which makes publication even more interesting.

Book printing

We print books in medium and high volumes on heatset and coldset web presses as well as on sheetfed presses. We offer publishers a range of additional services.

Notebook printing

For notebook printing, we use our heatset and coldset web presses as well as sheetfed machines. To give your notebooks a unique look, we offer a range of special finishes for the cover.

Supermarket flyers printing

For high-volume printing of advertising flyers, we offer heatset web presses with the option of glueing in the spine in a single production process or in a saddle-stitch cover for medium print runs.

O-wire notebooks

We print products like notebooks or planners which requires O-wire or plastic coil binding. We also offer perforation, hole drilling and corner rounding services.

O-wire calendar printing

We offer top quality offset printing for high and medium print runs of multi-page calendars in B2 format with the option of o-wire binding the longer side, i.e. 68 cm.